Thanks for the Patience With Zooomr 2.0

The All New Zooomr 2.0
The All New Zooomr 2.0Hosted on Zooomr

I just wanted to say thanks to all for the patience while we’ve battled this denial of service attack with our Zooomr launch. Kris thinks that we have the worst of it behind us and we will hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) have the site and launch up tomorrow.

Kris has an update here at the Zooomr blog.

On a personal level it’s been a tough few days dealing with having our launch sabotaged by someone on the night of our big party. It’s been pretty depressing actually. Even more depressing were some of the mean spirited responses that I saw afterwards as well in the form of a handful of comments and blog posts out there. It’s crazy to think that there is this kind of hatred pointed at a few guys just trying to build something cool in the photo sharing space.

I was pleased to see though that the majority of you have hung in there with us and offered kind words of sympathy.

This DOS attack on our site has certainly been a learning experience for us. I think in the end we will be stronger because of it. And hopefully you will enjoy the new features that we exprect to have out tomorrow (again, keep your fingers crossed).

Several bloggers have asked if we are going to continue to give free Pro accounts out to bloggers. The answer is yes. For the forseable future. We believe that bloggers make great and loyal customers and think it’s just smart business to reward bloggers who would like to use our service.

Lots of blogging bigwigs turned out at ValleySchwag3. Although we were kicking ourselves all night long for not being able to show Zooomr2 like we’d hoped we do hope that all of you will like what you see.

Thanks to those of you who gave us the support and patience.

The screenshot above is one that Kris posted to the Zooomr blog to at least give a taste for what Zooomr 2 might look like (hopefully tomorrow)!

7 Replies to “Thanks for the Patience With Zooomr 2.0”

  1. You confuse distain with hatred. No one has cares enough to hate you (except for maybe people you have attacked by name), but you are full of yourself and generally a pain, and people are tired of you. The reality is that you were one of the first people to cover both MCE and Flickr, but now that I have been exposed to your opinions I find you are a joke.

  2. Hey Thomas, how can the world be so full of nonsense as the posts above:-(

    That said… I just can’t log in. I’m so fed up with zoomrs log in process. Now, after I log in with the super generated pw for my google id.. I am asked to merge with open id and I have to go through a new idiotic sign up process. I am so tired of this – I can’t access my zooomr account!!!! Please do something about it…. I

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