Radio Shack Starts Selling TiVos

Davis tells me that Radio Shack is now selling TiVos.

The last time I went to Radio shack was not an entirely pleasant experience.

Me (on the phone): Hey my power adapter for my AudioVox 5600 smartphone just broke. Do you guys carry these?

Guy at Radio Shack (on the phone): Sure we do, come on down.

Me (at the store): Umm, I called on the phone, I’m here to buy a new adapter for my AudioVox 5600 smartphone.

Guy at Radio Shack (in the store): Isn’t it time you upgraded that old phone. Look at these new ones were offering and these great cell phone plans.

Me: Ummm, I don’t want a new cell phone. I just want an adapter for this one.

Guy at Radio Shack: But there’s been so many advances, really here, just take a look at a few of these new phones.

Me: Seriously I just want an adapter. I like my phone as it is. It plays my mp3s.

Guy at Radio Shack: Oh these play mp3’s too.

Me: OK, whatever, I’m not here to buy a new phone. How about you just get me the adapter for my current one and I’ll be out of your hair.

Guy at Radio Shack: Ummmm, I don’t think we carry that adapter.

Me: What? The guy on the phone said you did.

Guy at Radio Shack: Um, well we do sell these converters but they’re kind of expensive, you know you could just get a new phone that comes with an adapter for free instead.

Me: Ok, show me the converter, how much do they cost?

Guy at Radio Shack: Oh they are about $35 but then you’re going to need to buy an adapter to work with the converter, that’s another $15.

Me (thinking to myself): Crap, I know I could buy this cheaper online but my cell phone is dead now and I need it charged. Oh well ok)

Me: Ok, fine I’ll take it.

Guy at Radio Shack: You’re sure you don’t want to look at these new phones first?

Me: Takes adapter and converter home and plug them into my phone. They don’t work. The phone won’t charge. Crap, no cell phone for the weekend and I then buy an actual adapter online instead for $16.

Ok, but that was before. Now that I know that I can get a low end TiVo at Radio Shack maybe it’s time to go back. Yeah that’s it. I’ll be back as soon as it’s time to upgrade my Tandy Computer.

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  1. Thomas, the Audiovox SMT5600 Smartphone charges over a standard mini-USB adapter. You can get any mini-USB cable (you probably have several sitting around), and charge your phone over USB on a computer, or get an AC-to-USB adapter (standard specs are 5V, 1000mA) and it should work. Boxwave has lots of different cable and charger options for cheap.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  2. Hmmmm… Josh, I was not aware that hte Audiovox STM5600 could charge via the USB cable. I will have to try this out. I always thought it could only charge via the adapter.

  3. Well, I see everyone else already beat me to this, but yes, you can use a standard mini-USB cable to charge the Audiovox SMT5600.

    Btw, I have two of them for sale if anyone’s interested. Chargers included. 😉

  4. This reminds me of an experience I had at the Sprint store. When you walk in they have a podium and they take your name. Then you sit in the waiting area where you can help yourself to bottled water and sunchips until you are called. I only needed a charger, but had to wait until I was called. Silly 😛

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