Temporary Setbacks, ValleySchwag3 and Our Zooomr Launch That Didn’t Happen

Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka
Digg.com’s Kevin Rose and Daniel Burka

Well, we thought we were going to launch Zooomr 2 yesterday but instead spent the whole day trying to fight off a denial service attack on the site instead. We will try and get Zooomr 2 up as soon as we can deal with the DOS problem effectively. But first we need some sleep. Kris and Michael have had about 8 hours of sleep in the last four days as they’ve been working hard to get Zooomr 2 out for you. Hopefully we have something worked out this weekend.

Sometimes life sucks.
Regardless, here is my set of photos from last night’s ValleySchwag party and our Zooomr launch that didn’t happen.

Update: Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale has an even larger set of shots up from last night’s party than I do. Check them out too.

5 Replies to “Temporary Setbacks, ValleySchwag3 and Our Zooomr Launch That Didn’t Happen”

  1. Well that sucks – some people just have an odd idea of how to spend their time. Too bad that you had someone to fight with on the DOS attack.

    I, for one, was somewhat anxious to see what the changes would be. Can you give us a tickler of some of the new features/changes/fixes we can expect to see?

  2. There are some people out there that don’t want to see others succeed :O( Hope things go better for you with launch mk2, keep positive guys it will all be worth it :O)

  3. This is someone who is very critical of other companies and their actions. He has failed as a blogger and hype machine completely.

    Kevin Rose went to the party and you go 12 diggs?

  4. I am also anxiously awaiting the release. I am amazed at the direction of the conversation on another site. Where is all this hostility coming from? This is an exciting moment any time a new startup comes along especially one with the promise that Zooomr has. These people at Zooomr have been pretty giving in all this and I would like to applaud them all including Thomas. Those that have Zooomr’s best interest at heart will wait patiently.

    Thanks again,

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