Photoblogging Disneyland, 99 Interpretations of the Happiest Place on Earth

Photoblogging Disneyland

You may have noticed that blogging has been a little light these past few days. For good reason. Needing a little R and R, I threw the family in the old Buick this past weekend and headed down to Disneyland, the self proclaimed happiest place on Earth. What follows are 99 photographs representing my interpretations of said place.

One note I will make is that I seriously expected to be hassled when I showed up at Disneyland with multiple cameras, a video camera, tripods, a laptop and a separate hard drive. Much to my delight I was never hassled even once. Although I got a lot of strange looks as the guy setting up the tripod never once did anyone suggest that I wasn’t within my rights to photograph. A couple of Disney Cast Members even approached me to ask if it was ok if they swept in my camera’s line of site. Although it would be pretty difficult to prohibit photography at Disneyland, I was nonetheless surprised that nobody seemed to mind my professional camera set up tripod and all. Refreshing.

Oh, and sorry for the delay on the loading of the site. It takes a while to load even smaller versions of 99 photos. If you click on any photo in the series it will blow up to a full high res version for your viewing or saving pleasure. Enjoy your Visit to Photoblogging Disneyland, 99 Interpretations of the Happiest Place on Earth. We hope you come back again soon.

If you’d rather see the show at Flickr, feel free to check out my Flickr page as well. I’ve posted them there too.

And one more thing, the irony of the fact that two of the three of my most recent posts were spent bashing Hollywood and the studios is not lost on me. Compartmentalization, my friend, a big but helpful word.