Hosting Problems, Etc. Etc. Etc.

Well yesterday Boing Boing picked up my Disneyland Photo Essay and unfortunately it knocked me off of my server. Apparently I exceeded their daily bandwidth limit of 10 gigs and they shut my site down as punishment for the day after 2,000 hits to my site. Cory Doctorow redirected people to my Flickr page where I also hosted the photos so all was not lost but still a frustrating experience. After the 2,000 people visited the essay before Powweb shut me down another 10,000 or so stoped by Flickr. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and left comments.

Unfortunately it does not look like I can purchase a more/better bandwidth solution from Powweb. It may be time to switch hosting services. If you know of a solution for more bandwidth than 10 gigs a day please drop a comment or a line.

So being without my blog yesterday I missed posting a bunch of stuff from yesterday and the long weekend, so this is going to be more of a link type entry with a recap of some of the better stuff I’ve seen recently.

Chris Anderson did a wonderful piece over at the Long Tail asking the question, who says TV has to come in 30-minute multiples?

Alexander Grundner over at eHomeUpgrade writes about the Windows Media Player 11 beta due out in November of this year. Perhaps we finally get better support for large digital libraries. It is being billed as a “major upgrade.” We will see.

Alex over at the TiVoBlog wants to know what ever happened to the TiVo Netflix deal that seems to have disappeared after such hype when first released. Indeed.

Ian Dixon is out with an as usual excellent Media Center podcast. In The Media Center Show #10 Ian talks to Richard Schwab of Media Made Easy. It’s an excellent podcast and Richard spends some time talking about the fact that all day long he hears people asking for HDTV in Media Center. Hopefully our friends in Redmond are listening. Ian now has 12 votes over at Podcast Alley. Thanks to all who’ve voted for him but I know that there are many others out there who could recommend Ian’s excellent site. If you listen to The Media Center Show take a few seconds and vote for Ian’s podcast at Podcast Alley.

So in addition to Dan Gillmor and it seems like everyone else in the world including apparently now Bob Brinker, even Robert Scoble is asking the question are we seeing a housing bubble. Folks this could not be better advertised if it were on a billboard on the way from San Francisco to Silicon Valley. Be careful out there.

Ed Bott shows you how to remove those annoying personalized Microsoft Office menus. For the life of me I’ve never understood how someone could have mandated that that hideous feature ship as the default in Office. What was someone at Microsoft smoking when they made that decision. A super annoying bug (not a feature) that Ed shows you how to get rid of. Hopefully whoever came up with that idea is not around for the next version that ships.

Oh, and why when Ed posts a story about ummm.. a “bigger,” “better” list of MCE add-ons do we get the errr.. RSS advertisement below. Hey, what are you trying to say about us MCE users anyway! Just kidding of course. Good thing this one’s clearly marked as an advertisment, for a second there I thought Ed was doing ummm new types of interesting reviews.

And finally here’s a Thomas Hawk’s early Wednesday Morning 20 Random Songs From Thomas Hawk’s Windows Media Player 5 Star Playlist:

1. She, Green Day, Dookie
2. American Without Tears, Elvis Costello, King of America
3. Superman’s Song, Crash Test Dummies, The Ghosts That Haunt Me
4. I Shall Be Free, Version 3, Bob Dylan, 7 Years of Bad Luck (bootleg)
5. Stoned, Old ’97s, Hitchhike to Rhome
6. Undecided, Stephane Grapelli, Afternoon in Paris
7. Let it Be, Nick Cave, I Am Sam Soundtrack
8. Foolish Pride, Jimmy LaFave, Buffalo Returns to the Plain
9. Just What I Needed, The Cars, The Cars
10. You Fall Off, Gingersol, The Train Wreck is Behind You
11. Metal and Steel (live), Bob Schnieder, Austin City Limits (bootleg)
12. And Your Bird Can Sing, The Beatles, Revolver
13. Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key, Billy Bragg and Wilco, Mermaid Ave.
14. Mrs. Potters Lullaby (live), Counting Crows, KFOG Live From the Archives 7
15. Time After Time, Everything But the Girl, Striking, Undiscovered Covers
16. Give My Love to Rose, Johnny Cash, American IV: The Man Comes Around
17. Eight Years Old, Ben Lee, Something to Remember Me By
18. Sing for the Moment, Eminem, The Eminem Show
19. Something About What Happens When We Talk, Lucinda Williams, Sweet Old World
20. His Lamest Flame (live), Mary Lou Lord, In Store Compact Disc Land, 3-24-1998 (bootleg)

Oh yeah, and one more thing, congratulations to Heather Powazek Champ who just took a job at Flickr. What a great job. I’m playing with Flickr more and more these days. It is damn addictive.