An Open Conversation with Robert Scoble Microsoft Geek Blogger

An Open Conversation with Robert Scoble Microsoft Geek Blogger Webpronews is out with an interview with prolific Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble. Seems Robert is tracking 1,200 to 1,300 blogs now. Back when I first met him at a geek dinner at Barney’s in San Francisco last September I seem to recall he was only tracking 900 feeds. My 189 feeds seem pretty paltry in comparison.

From the interview

“Robert: Yeah, with the link blog I’m reading 3500 items a night and I put about 100 items a night over there. So I’m just sifting through these 3500 items a night looking for, you know, 100 things that my readers would be interested in, you know, and that I’m interested in really. And I assume most of my readers are sort of like me, interested in technology, you know, not interested in cat photos!

Actually, I’m just going through right now and actually do look at probably 80 percent of the items, even the ones with the bad headlines. A lot of people use such bad headlines that I just have to read through everything anyways! But because it’s all local, it’s really fast; I just click on it with my pen and go boom, boom, boom. I can go through all items really, really fast. I’m looking in ActiveWin right now…”

Thanks, JD!