Scoble Geek Dinner at Barney’s

I enjoyed attending my first geek dinner with Robert Scoble tonight at Barney’s in Noe Valley.

The dinner conversation revolved around numerous subject items but some of the themes that came up repeatedly were RSS and the technology surrounding it, RSS customization and recommendation, RSS sorting… you get the idea a lot of people are talking about RSS now, or maybe that’s just what bloggers talk about when they get together these days. Google also kept popping up in the conversation.

Despite all the hype in the blogsphere these past few weeks Scoble doesn’t seem to think that Google is really building a new browser — but people are definitely interested in what Google will be doing to justify that high stock price and move beyond just search which it was generally agreed is more or less something of a commodity these days. Calendar, email, operating system, office? They have to do something with all of those really smart people they seem to keep hiring.

Robert whipped out his Tablet PC and showed us how he keeps track of his 900 RSS, yes you heard that right, 900 RSS feeds.

I also enjoyed meeting and chatting with Michael Creasy of the Microsoft eHome group. I’m a huge Media Center fan and although with the rollout of MCE 2005 coming shortly and the NDA and all it was difficult to talk specifics, it was nice to hear from Michael about some of the areas that they are looking at and working on in general.

I’d never been to Mary Hodder’s site Napsterization before and was glad to meet her. Mary works for Technorati. Her site looks very much like something that I’d be interested in. I subscribed to it on my RSS feed and added it to my blog roll.

I also met Tom who works for Savage Beast — a music recommendation and meta data type of company in Oakland. Apparently they have a digital library with about 300,000 mp3s. Boy would I love to take a few Maxtor 250 gig drives down to their office. They actually employ real human music specialists who get paid to sit around and listen to music all day and categorize it. Interesting. We talked about Musicplasma and I thought that it was funny that he pointed out that when using it seems to have every band related to Radiohead and have Radiohead at the center of the universe of music and largest band in the world.

There were a few more people there, two Adams, Gary, and as I’m not very good with names I’m not sure on the rest.

I had a great time and look forward to some of these in the future.

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