N.Y. Library Hangs Gallery of Images Online

N.Y. library hangs gallery of images online | CNET News.com In another coup for the image collectors of the world, The New York Library has begun an effort to offer up their NYPL Digital Gallery and will offer 275,000 images online, many with historical significance.

Double Decker Bus, from the New York Library Image Archive

As the program just launched yesterday the New York Library is having server problems due to the large traffic demand but in concept this seems like a fantastic idea.

It has always been my thought that as museums and libraries are fundamentally designed to share and enlighten the general public, that publishing their important works for the entire world to see makes a lot of sense.

The library, hopes to increase the number of images to 500,000 items in the next several months.

What seems to be nice at least thus far is that you can right click the images and save them to your computer. I haven’t yet been able to get the system to show me an enlarged image (due to their technical difficulties) but hope that the resulting image is a beautiful high res image suitable for display on my 43″ plasma.

Nice work New York Library and I hope that the other libraries and museums, especially art museums, of the world take note.

Now how about someone building an MCE plug in that links this and other online collections, Flickr, Google Image Search, etc. into the My Pictures section of Media Center.