eBay listings coming soon to Media Center

Ed Bott: eBay listings coming soon to Media Center Well when you saw it come out via the SDK for TiVo you knew it would only be a matter of time before we saw it for Media Center, but Ed Bott, via a comment on his big TiVo vs. MCE vs. Cable post yesterday, points us to the latest MCE/eBay plug in.

“mceAuction will include:

* Search auctions
* View auctions with images and description
* Bid on auctions
* ‘Buy Now’ support
* My eBay (“Items I’m Watching”, “Items I’m Bidding On”, “Items I’ve Won”, “Items I Didn’t Win”,”Items I’m Selling”, “Items I’ve Sold” + “Unsold Items”)”

Personally I think that it’s smart for developers to look for other “addictive” type of internet services to incorporate into MCE and TiVo. eBay and Flickr are two that TiVo has announced recently.

I could see potential for other plug ins as well: Yahoo! calendar, Craigslist, certainly bloglines, Google News Search alerts, New releases and theater information including trailers of movies now playing, “My Wine” (create a plug in that incorporates someone’s personal wine cellar with tasting notes from Wine Spectator, photos of the wine label, etc.), “My Auto” (link gps auto location with Network Car), my gmail, “My Finances” (banking, mortgage, investments, total net worth calculations including time weighted graphs and averages), “MCE local” (search for local businesses near you including), “MCE restaurant delivery” (order delivery food with your MCE remote).

The list goes on and on. Of course MCE/TiVo adoption will be what will drive the most significant SDK development and certainly early on things like eBay seem to make a lot of economic sense.

I’m looking forward to what we see here in the future.