The Coming Blog Wars

Burnham’s Beat: The Coming Blog Wars: Google vs. Yahoo Bill Burnham is out with an insightful analysis on the coming competition for the dollars to be feted out of the blog space. With the explosive growth in blogging inevitably the conversation turns to who can make what money off of the whole deal. Burnham sees two likely and obvious candidates, Google and Yahoo!

Burnham reviews Google’s Adsense program and cites Google’s early advantage over other competitors with the Blogger acquisition but also points out that Yahoo! may have an advantage in the future due to a broad range of existing subscription services that it might be able to “barter” with bloggers.

Burnham suggests that although Yahoo! has yet to make any significant business inroads with bloggers, and instead has chosen to focus on larger commercial type accounts, they will be a significant future competitor for blog partnerships.

Interestingly, Burnham seems to feel that in addition to the challenge of doing business with the sheer magnitude of blogs, another significant issue will be the potential for “click through” type fraud given such a large universe of blogs.

Burnham identifies companies likely to be considered attractive acquisition candidates for Google and Yahoo!: Six Apart, Burning Door (operator of Feedburner), MySpace, Bloglines, Technorati and

Overall a worthy read on the financial opportunities in the blogosphere — for those that care about this sort of thing.

Thanks, Susan!