What’s your Media Center App Wish List?

Addicted to Digital Media – What’s your Media Center App Wish List? Sean Alexander Microsoft blogger extrodionaire over at Addicted to Digital Media asks what’s on our Media Center App Wish List.

Below are my initial suggestions. I could think of 80 or 90 more if I had more time.

MCE should own the home.

1. Obviously a great start has been made but more can be done by way of home automation. security, exterior and interior cameras, thermostat, locks, shades, lights

2. Full voicemail and message center functionality.

3. More RSS Readers (bloglines)

4. “My Radio” full guide and PVR functionality with easy “podcast” synchs between mp3 players and wireless car mp3 file transfer functionality(probably less of a plug in and more a feature to be implemented into the app by Microsoft)

5. “My Car” interface with a company like Network Car to track your vehicles (wife, kids, but not me, etc.)

6. Perhaps not a plug in but more advancement with “get info” for both “my music” and a new “my movies” tab. Direct connections via AMG for music and IMDB for movies to get additional information.

7. Microcontent Delivery plug in to sort and pull media (initially from the Internet Archive but eventually from places all over the internet, corresponding reviews, rankings and guides)

8. “Mylifebits” plug in that graphically compiles, organizes and charts your life data by time, subject matter, etc. See Jim Gemmell and Gordon Bell at MS Research.

9. Auto commercial skip plug in (yeah someone else would have to release this and Microsoft would have to pay lip service to trying to stop it).

10. “My TV Music” An app that strips audio tracks from recorded televised musical performances and turns them into mp3s and adds them to your mp3 library

11. MCE Poker (not for me but it is all the rage these days) probably have to have some third party make the money on it due to potential legal issues with gambling and all.

12. “My Health” (might need to be password protected). An app that connected wirelessly via your smart scale/body fat measuring device to each day plot your weight, body fat, etc. As other advanced medical testing devices become available (cholesterol checks, blood pressure checks, etc.) these could be integrated into the device which would also be able to graphically display things like your health vs. the mean for your age, improvement, life expectancy, etc. etc. over any time or period. And obviously before everyone jumps on me for this one this would be completely installed by USER CHOICE. Nobody would be forced to use it. And no, Microsoft would not be keeping a copy via the Automatic Update feature and sending it to your life insurance company.

For starters.