March 2005 Photoblog

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Trolly, Fairyland, March 2005

Faces of Joy, Fairyland, March 2005

Mouthful of Teeth, Fairyland, March 2005

White Dress, Fairyland, March 2005

Dark Rabbit, Fairyland, March 2005

Cheshire Cat, Fairyland, March 2005

Queen of Hearts, Fairyland, March 2005

Fox, Fairyland, March 2005

Main Street

The Tulips of Spring

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset

The Ferry Building and Coit Tower as Shot From the Bay Bridge While Driving

Kearny and Columbus

Coit Tower

Taxi Line

O’ Farrell

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9 Replies to “March 2005 Photoblog”

  1. Hey
    was just surfing google looking for some good pictures and happened to stumble upon your site! Your picture immediately jumped out at me from among the drab nonsense that google usually brings up =) I absolutely LOVE your pictures, you have an amazing talent! You’ve certainly earned a spot on my favorites list ^.^ Keep it up!
    -Jennifer A.
    Calgary AB

  2. I like painting effect on the Coit Tower and taxi shots. Would you mind sharing how what steps you took to achive that effect?


  3. wow. i like the city. its almost european style.. nice atmosphere and friendly people… nice pictures..

  4. For most of my photos all effects are done through Photoshop. Mostly it’s just mucking around with brightness/contrast, sharpness and then I use a bunch of the artistic filters — mostly dry brush.


  5. I stumbled upon your site and I really love your photos. You do an awesome job. Keep it up!

  6. Hi the photo’s are great. But im really only posting coz thats the scariest fairy land in the world. and those statues scared the crap out of me. anyway…keep that camera snapping i guess.

  7. Hey, thanks Lori. Yes actually they were taken at the Fairyland in Oakland. I take my kids there all the time. I’ve herad that it was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Disneyland.

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