Live Google+ Hangout at 10AM PST This Morning About How to Maximize Your Photos Through Social Media

Daniel Krieger
The Smoothest Dude Alive, Daniel Krieger.

My good friend Daniel Krieger (aka smoothdude), along with MacPhun’s Laurie Rubin, and I will host a live G+ hangout this morning talking about ways to promote your photography through social media. We’ll record the episode to my youtube account as well in case you can’t make it live and want to watch later.

Come join the show here if you can make it.

Photo Talk Plus Episode 24, With Special Guest Petra Cross

Petra Cross is an amazing photographer who does fantastic still photography as well as stop motion, time lapse and video work. Below are Part 1 and Part 2 of our show from last night. We had to split the show into two parts because of audio issues. In the first part we talk about various Google+ photography related news. In the second part we interview Petra. Check them out!

Thanks to our show sponsors SmugMug and Blurb Books!

Photo Talk Plus, Episode 6, With Special Guest Alan Shapiro

Lotus Carroll and I had a GREAT time Wednesday night talking with and interviewing photographer Alan Shapiro for Episode 6 of Photo Talk Plus

If you missed the live broadcast you can catch the YouTube recording above now. We were joined by panelists Dave Cohen from Google Photos, Profesional Landscape Photographer Jeffrey Sullivan, G+ Scavenger Hunt Curator Chrysta Rae and Vidcast Network’s Keith Barrett.

During the show we talked about the new Adobe Lightroom 4 Beta, Lotus and my recent trip to photograph the North American International Auto Show with Ford Motor Company (check out my photos from the NAIAS show here) Mike Shaw’s write up on long exposure photography and the Lee Big Stopper filter, +Jeremy Cowart’s post on a new type of camera from CES, Leodor Selenier’s post on the photography of Kim Keever, and more.

This was a GREAT episode that you won’t want to miss. Sponsored by Drobo and SmugMug. Don’t forget to check them out at and

Sunrise Over Boblo — Detroit, MI

Lotus Carroll and I had an AMAZING time shooting abandoned stuff ahead of the auto show this past weekend in Detroit with Ed Serecky.

Ed Serecky, aka petparazzi on Flickr (we’re working on getting him on G+) made a super cool 1:29 video of some of the places we got into. An awesome video of urban exploration photography in action Detroit style.

Photo Talk Plus Episode 5 With Special Guest Colby Brown

Lotus Carroll and I had an AWESOME time this past Wednesday night interviewing Colby Brown on Photo Talk Plus Episode 5. Colby talked about all of the great places over the world he’s travelled to shoot (and where he’s headed this coming year), his project The Giving Lens, life as a new father, his upcoming book with Peachpit on Google+ for photographers and more. Colby also shares some of his great images and talks about the stories behind them.

Panelists Natalie Villalobos and Timothy Jordan from Google joined us along with Anna Nguyen, Michael Seneschal and Keith Barrett.

Thanks as usual to our sponsors SmugMug and Drobo who you can find at and

Thanks to everyone who participated on the show and in the chat room live at Vidcast Network — for those of you who missed it live don’t miss this great episode.

Photo Talk Plus, Episode 4, With Special Guest Trey Ratcliff

Last night we recorded a very special episode of Photo Talk Plus with Trey Ratcliff. Thank you to Trey who offered such a heartfelt candid personal interview about both him and his work. Trey is a very humble individual who spends so much more time promoting other photographers than his own art and work. He’s given so much to the Google+ Community and I enjoyed having an opportunity to really focus more directly on him as a person and an artist.

If you missed last night’s show, I really hope you’ll take some time to watch this episode and get to know a little bit more about Trey. Trey is a good friend and this was one of my favorite hangouts I’ve done on Google+ yet.

Thank you to everyone involved with last night’s show including my cohost Lotus Carroll and last night’s panelists Lili Ana Chris Chabot Brian Matiash (thanks for giving away a copy of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite) and Keith Barrett.

Thanks also to Keith for broadcasting our show as usual on the Vidcast Network and thanks to everyone who participated in the chat room while we broadcasted. You are the community and are the ones that make Google+ such a great place for photographers.

A special thank you also to our show sponsors Drobo and SmugMug

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Thank you also to Chee Chew and everyone on the Google Hangouts team for giving us this remarkable new “On Air” feature that allows us to make these videos available here on Google+ and on YouTube.

Join Us TONIGHT for a very special episode of Photo Talk Plus with special Guest Trey Ratcliff, 8PM PST


Please join Lotus Carroll and myself tonight live for an interview with our very own Trey Ratcliff!!! Tonight’s broadcast will be LIVE at the Vidcast Network and LIVE on my Google+ stream with the new Hangouts On Air feature. Learn more about Trey’s unique photography, outlook on life, and how he has been able to build one of the most successful photography businesses on the planet today with Stuck In Customs.

Tonight’s panelists include Google’s Chris Chabot, Brian Matiash from onOne Software Lili Ana and Vidcast Network’s Keith Barrett.

In addition to tonight’s interview with Trey Ratcliff we’ll also discuss some of the top Google+ photography related stories of the past week including the upcoming Google+ Photography Book being curated by Ivan Makarov as well as the upcoming Google+ Scavenger Hunt curated by Chrysta Rae. We’ll also take questions from the chat room directly for Trey so come prepared to learn more about what makes Trey tick.

One lucky viewer tonight will also win a copy of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite.

This will be an episode you won’t want to miss.

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If you’ve missed our first three episodes you can watch any of them here.

The show is also available as a Podcast now on iTunes.

Photo Talk Plus Episode 3, Broadcasting LIVE at 8PM PST Tonight!!!


Join +Lotus Carroll and myself tonight LIVE at 8PM PST for a very special episode of +Photo Talk Plus.

Tonight our very special guest will be none other than +Karen Hutton (pictured below with Lotus). Karen is an amazing photographer with mad processing skills who will process one of her photos live online tonight in addition to the interview.

In addition to our interview with Karen, well dissect and analyze the top photography related stories of the past week on Google+ with our panelists +Vincent Mo (from Google Photos), +sly vegas Photoshop Pro +Jan Kabili and +Keith Barrett. We’ll talk about Google’s new lightbox view that launched this week with Vincent, as well as discuss popular G+ stories this past week by +Trey Ratcliff +Ivan Makarov +Patrick Di Fruscia and more!

If you missed last week’s show with NASA Astronaut +Ron Garan you can watch that here: It was an amazing episode about space photography and Ron’s amazing photos.

We’re going to broadcast tonight’s episode of Photo Talk Plus in two places — right here in my Google+ Stream with the new On Air Hangouts, as well as on the Vidcast Network with +Keith Barrett

We’ll have recordings after the show available on both Vidcast as well as Youtube going forward.

A special thank you to tonight’s show sponsors +SmugMug and +Drobo (follow them on Google+!!!!) and check them out at and

My Talk on My Photography from the @Google Series

I had a great time a few weeks ago giving a talk about my photography as part of the @Google talk series down at the Mountain View Campus. During the hour long conversation I talked about my own approach to photography, how I’ve integrated it into my life, how I’m able to produce the volume of photographs I do while having a day job and family, my project to publish 1,000,000 photos before I die and my project to photograph the 100 largest American cities.

I also comment on the photo sharing space, Flickr, Google+, etc. and answer questions at the end.

Thanks so much to +Brian Rose for having me down to Google.

Photo Talk Plus EP 2 with NASA Astronaut Ron Garan

Watch live video from The Vidcast Network on

We had a fantastic time talking to NASA Astronaut Ron Garan on Episode 2 of Photo Talk Plus. He shared his experiences of photographing from space with us, and it was truly inspiring and educating. Thanks so much to our panelists Catherine Hall, Ricardo Lagos, and Sandra Parlow for adding to the conversation.

Thank you to Keith Barret & Vidcast Network for broadcasting and recording, and to our wonderful sponsors SmugMug and Drobo.