Join Us TONIGHT for a very special episode of Photo Talk Plus with special Guest Trey Ratcliff, 8PM PST


Please join Lotus Carroll and myself tonight live for an interview with our very own Trey Ratcliff!!! Tonight’s broadcast will be LIVE at the Vidcast Network and LIVE on my Google+ stream with the new Hangouts On Air feature. Learn more about Trey’s unique photography, outlook on life, and how he has been able to build one of the most successful photography businesses on the planet today with Stuck In Customs.

Tonight’s panelists include Google’s Chris Chabot, Brian Matiash from onOne Software Lili Ana and Vidcast Network’s Keith Barrett.

In addition to tonight’s interview with Trey Ratcliff we’ll also discuss some of the top Google+ photography related stories of the past week including the upcoming Google+ Photography Book being curated by Ivan Makarov as well as the upcoming Google+ Scavenger Hunt curated by Chrysta Rae. We’ll also take questions from the chat room directly for Trey so come prepared to learn more about what makes Trey tick.

One lucky viewer tonight will also win a copy of onOne Software’s Perfect Photo Suite.

This will be an episode you won’t want to miss.

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If you’ve missed our first three episodes you can watch any of them here.

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