Thanks to Flickr for Featuring Me and My Photography on the Flickr Blog

Thanks so much to Yahoo and Flickr for featuring me and my photography today on the Flickr blog and the Weekly Flickr. I joined Flickr back the year that they started in 2004 and publish photos there every single day. It’s been a wonderful place to build my library and archive and publish my photography. I thought they did a really nice professional job with this video. Thanks!

8 Replies to “Thanks to Flickr for Featuring Me and My Photography on the Flickr Blog”

  1. Congratulations Thomas. Quite a journey you have had with Flickr. I remember when you were involved in so many hugely popular Flickr groups, than being banned from the Help Forum by Heather. Now, finally, they have allowed you back on the Forum and seem to respect you once more. I’m glad to see Yahoo making some positive decisions and changes concerning Flickr. I believe that most of those changes are, in part, happening because of the efforts you’ve made in making people aware of Flickr’s potential and voicing your popular opinion.
    I thank you for that and commend you for being featured in Flickr’s Blog.

  2. Thomas, it’s great Flickr did this with you. I know your relationship with them has had its ups and downs, but it’s good to see it come full circle. You are one of my absolute favorite photographers, and an inspiration to me and countless others.

  3. …a million photos?…….that’s 55 photos per day for 50 years!…and you rode your bike across the country at 15?….I’m glad I wasn’t your dad…I had enough issues with my son and his motorcycle at 20.

    …but anyway, glad to see they’ve acknowledged you, they did a decent job of it, and you certainly deserve it.

  4. Congrats Thomas. I am new to your blog, but I’m really impressed with your shots. I’ve been looking around for about 10 minutes and think I’ll have to bookmark it for later.

  5. Glad to see that Flickr recognizes you as valuable contributor Thomas. I have been a Flickr user for a long time and Flickr did do a great job with the video!


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