Lightroom 3 Beta is Out

At midnight last night Adobe opened up the free beta for their Lightroom 3.0 product. I’ve been trying to download it several times since then but I think that their servers are being hit pretty hard and haven’t actually had a chance to look at it yet myself because the download page keeps failing — a good problem to have I ‘m sure 🙂 . I have seen screenshots from a presentation by Adobe on the product though and it looks like a nice improvement over 2.0. Tom Hogarty, the Lightroom Product Manager, has probably the best write up on the new features over at the Lightroom Journal. I’ll report more on my impressions on the new beta when I try it out soon.

Probably the two most significant improvements that I’m looking forward to playing with are the new post cropped vignetting tool (Lightroom’s old post crop vignetting tool made geometrically *perfect* vignetting while I prefer a more natural feel) which offers new styles of more natural vignetting as well as features to better sharpen and reduce noise in photos.

If you want to try to download the beta to try it out yourself, you can get it here. As mentioned before though, the page is likely getting hammered pretty hard with the beta only a few hours old so be patient.

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  2. Alastair, don’t worry about him. He’s just a troll. It’s actually a badge of honor to have them around. At least he’s a funny one. We were talking about him at our photowalk on Friday night and having a good laugh over all his comments and his passion. The other day he posted like 28 different comments all from the lyrics to Phil Collins’ “Against All Odds” I think I’m going to tape them all together in one piece and photograph it. He’s a funny dude. You should see the photo he’s got up on his website right now. Haha. He’s just having fun.

  3. LR3 should be an awesome upgrade…

    What I’m looking forward to:

    1) Film grain

    2) Better sharpening and noise reduction

    3) Much better vignetting. What LR2 has now is just awful with it pouring black around the periphery.

    4) Better RAW conversion

    5) Exportable standalone slideshows as .mov files – hope there are some controls there…

    6) Adding to Collections from the Develop module – no more going back and forth…

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