Remember Shepherd Johnson, That Guy Who Had His Flickr Account Nuked After Posting Comments Critical of President Obama?

Yeah, you remember him. “That” guy.

Turns out he’s still unsatisfied with the way that Flickr handled his account so he politely posted his objection to the Flickr Help Forum. From Johnson:

“I have gotten zero cooperation from flickr or Yahoo! concerning my account. The account name was shepherdjohnson and it was deleted at the beginning of June 2009 with over 1300 photos. The issue has not been resolved to my satisfaction. More here:


Please have somebody from flickr/Yahoo! contact me concerning this issue. ”

So how does Flickr respond? They say that they can’t discuss his case except with the owner privately (even though it’s the owner apparently who is asking). All the guy is asking for is for someone to contact him because apparently he’s tried getting them to contact him privately and they won’t.

Unsatisfied at having his first thread locked, user Johnson opens a second thread objecting again and complaining that he’s already tried to contact Flickr privately but that they won’t respond to his private correspondence:

“Yeah, Zack, I tried getting in touch with flickr staff via the method you suggested. And nobody will talk to me. Heather never called me back. Like I’ve said before, this issue is not going to go away until we can come to an understanding. Why don’t you contact me or have another flickr staff member contact me, this is getting ridiculous.

-Shepherd “

So what does Flickr do next? They lock his 2nd thread complaining that nobody at Flickr will communicate with him and then indefinitely boot him from the help forum. Using typical condescending Flickr parent/child language, they call banning him from the Help Forum a “time out.”

What a crappy way to treat your customers. Especially a customer that lost a bunch of their photographs.

Of course I’m still indefinitely banned from the Flickr Help Forum as well. My crime? Simply posting a link to a blog (not mine) where some folks were complaining about what they felt was an anti-gay bias at Flickr over account deletions.

Censorship sucks.

8 Replies to “Remember Shepherd Johnson, That Guy Who Had His Flickr Account Nuked After Posting Comments Critical of President Obama?”

  1. Dude, TH, thanks for this. I agree with your early FF comment, that this issue isn’t as much with Fickr as it is with Flickr leadership.

    I think a concerted effort should be started to actually call for the resignation of Heather Champ. If the buck stops with her, at the Community level, then we ought to bring her down.

    Maybe a calculated approach to Yahoo! at the corporate level will get some results. HC is not above her clear childish behavior. The problem here is really that she (and her cronies) lack legitimate leadership ability. If Yahoo! corporate was convinced that she’s stripping Flickr of credibility and honor, with photographers, and other customers of Yahoo!, then maybe they’d make a change


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