5 Replies to “Thank Your Lucky Stars”

  1. Yay, crappy dilapidated buildings covered in graffiti… My favourite subject to photograph. If only Sydney had more of them that weren’t blocked up with fencing and (annoyingly) illegal to enter.

  2. Brad, no, this was at an old abandoned Navy facility on Treasure Island. Best I can tell, the old building used to be some kind of school. The phone booth was my favorite part of the site.

  3. /me laughs at the “fencing and (annoyingly) illegal” comment. Srsly. Those two things only have the power you are willing to give them. We wouldn’t have half the wartime images we have today, the violation of civil rights images, or even the Ground Zero images that we have today if people actually stuck to that mantra.

    I’m not suggesting you go break into a 7-11 tonight to photograph an isle cheetos (although I’d fave that image on flickr), but I am saying let yourself breathe: you create your own boundaries, not them.


    As for this BEAUTIFUL photograph – David Lynch needs to see this ASAP. Quite possibly the best image I’ve seen from you yet. I’d like a print, pls. (I have no money so no need to give me ordering info, but I could mow your lawn or wash your SUV or something.)


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