vmcNetFlix, Netflix Watch Now on Your Media Center Extender

Netflix On The Media Center

vmcNetFlix – Official Site: My pal Davis Freeberg tells me that he has intstalled the vmcNetFlix plug in for Media Center and has successfully been able to watch Netlifx “Watch Now” content through his XBox 360 as a Media Center extender.

I haven’t tried this plug in yet myself, but plan on installing it and checking out the watch now feature in the next few days here.

Although Netflix “Watch Now” content doesn’t include the hottest TV shows or new release content, they do have a large library of video content available to stream for free to Netflix customers who are on 2 disc or more a month plans.

I cancelled my DirecTV service a few months back and have been getting by just fine with my Netflix subscription and free HD network OTA (over the air) TV on my Media Center PC.

I do have a laptop hooked up to my TV in the kitchen where the kids watch kids programming on Netflix watch now, but if this plug in works, it will be great to have Netflix “Watch Now” content on the other Xbox/TV extender set ups in my home.