Ok, I’ve Now Signed Up For All 35 Social Networking Sites That FriendFeed Supports

FriendFeed Services

Ok, so I just finished signing up for every single service that FriendFeed supports. For whatever reason, two of the services that I’m signed up for Gtalk and Facebook don’t show up under FriendFeed’s collection of favicons that they use next to your name on the site.

Also I couldn’t get FriendFeed to find my seesmic account which is under thomashawk and wasn’t able to import that yet. All in now I’m signed up for 35 different sites which can be aggregated at FriendFeed.

I haven’t used all 35 different sites of course, but I do plan on trying all of them out over the course of the next few weeks. I also wanted to make sure that I got the thomashawk account name on each of these networks as I have no idea which networks I’ll be using the most down the road.

The site that I found the easiest to use and sign up for (that I hadn’t already been using) was iLike — which I think I might actually get into.

The site that was the most confusing for me and that worked the least well was seesmic. But seesmic is still in alpha so that ought to be expected.

I was surprised that I was able to sign up for SmugMug without a credit card. I’d always thought that their service was pay only, but it seems that you can sign up for a 14 day free trial without giving them any payment information.

With most of the sites my user name is thomashawk or sometimes Thomas Hawk. If you use any and like them feel free to add me as a contact.

Or better yet, add me as a contact on FriendFeed and see them all.