3 Replies to “Transformative”

  1. Thomas,
    Stunning photo, as always. Picking up on your Media Center post…Apple announced Aperture 2 today, with a reduced price of $200. Are you using v1.5, if not, do you think you will give it a try? I saw a pretty compelling demo of v1.5 last year by an Apple pro (and Canon pro). Its management capabilities looked pretty robust, as well as a bunch of editing capabilities, workflow processing, etc. I would be interested in your take. Bryan

  2. Hey Bryan, I tried Aperture about a year ago but wasn’t happy with the fact that it didn’t handle vignetting.

    Maybe the new version does?

    I’m not sure though that I’m ready to shell out a bunch of money to buy Aperture at this point when I’m pretty happy with Bridge/Photoshop.

  3. Looks like the new version does have vignette controls. But I totally understand sticking with your current solution. I may end up giving it a shot after I upgrade Macs. I’d be interested to see how seamless Aperture exports to photosharing sites and in general how flexible it will be for other purposes. Bryan

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