Netflix Surveying About “Watch Now” on Your XBox 360?

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Over at Seanbajuice there is a post about a survey that someone (Netflix?) is doing asking about how much people would use the “watch now” feature on an XBox 360.

To me it’s crazy that Netflix’s “Watch Now” feature is limited to Internet Explorer (no native Mac, no Firefox, no Xbox 360). Especially as XBox 360s become the media center extenders of choice and are more likely to be connected to a TV than even a Media Center PC, it seems that Netflix/Microsoft should push forward with this technology.

Personally I’d like to see this technology go through Media Center though in addition to XBox live.

While Netflix is at it they should also consider making “Watch Now” possible for a Mac.

Oh and maybe an upgrade to the content available on the “Watch Now” service would be nice too. It would be nice to watch more than just old re-runs of Dukes of Hazard or movies like Tootsie and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

3 Replies to “Netflix Surveying About “Watch Now” on Your XBox 360?”

  1. Netflix is
    working on a Mac version that is supposedly coming out in 2008. I doubt we’ll see a firefox ability though.

    Regarding hardware support, I would be surprised if we don’t see “official” support from Netflix for Xbox 360’s, Microsoft Media Center, and many more hardware boxes beyond the LG’s that they are working on right now. Once they begin that, I’d expect Netflix to revise their “watch instantly” pricing structure and at the same time beef up the movies/shows available through that feature.

  2. Brent, Netflix has already talked about Silverlight as a possible delivery platform – if that’s what the end up rolling out, it’ll work on Firefox on the Mac.

    As far as Xbox 360, there’s two ways to do it – one with Mcirosoft’s help as an embedded service/application or via the Xbox’s extender functionality. A local app is a more elegant solution, but Microsoft is currently renting their own movies and may not want to shift gears or compete with themselves.

    We’ll see…

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