Zooomr Adds People Search

Zooomr Adds People Search

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

Well I’m pleased to say that Kristopher just IM’d me from Japan and just pushed People Search on Zooomr. With Zooomr People Search you can now search by either email or name to find your friends on Zooomr. This should make it much easier for you to connect to others using Zooomr.

To search for someone on Zooomr just go to this link here.

Look for more enhancements to people search in the near future on Zooomr.

Nice work Kristopher!

7 Replies to “Zooomr Adds People Search”

  1. You guys are doing some cool community tools, but I think it’s to soon and you guys should be focused on infrastructure. Mainly getting the dam 3rd party keys enabled so we folks can get serous about uploading. I’ve given up on adding content to zoomr until I can use a decent UI to do it, otherwise my work flow goes to hell.

  2. Is there any way to have zooomr check your address book (gmail) to see if anyone you know is on zooomr without having to check one by one?

  3. Great feature, I was just thinking about this the other day, that and a search my address book.

    What I’d really like to see though, is where we can set up a profile (like our city, state, country, photog or other interests) so we can search for fellow photogs by location.

  4. It’s a nice feature, no complaints there, but I’d really like my ‘recent activity’ again. What happened to it?

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