365 Portraits by Bill Wadman

Portrait of Daniel Krieger by Photographer Bill Wadman

My friend Daniel Krieger (pictured above, aka Smoothdude) turned me on to the work of Bill Wadman, who is working on a project called 365 portraits. Bill took that photo of Smoothie.

I’ve seen a lot of people working on 365 photo a day type projects, but Bill’s is one of the best I’ve seen yet. What Bill is doing is pretty simple actually, he’s taking 365 different portraits of people and then posting them each day. But what makes his project worth checking out for me is the quality of his portraits and the interesting people he is choosing to shoot. The portraits really are amazing, some of the best that you’ll find out there. The composition, lighting, backgrounds, people themselves are all beautifully orchestrated. Daniel said he’s shooting with a 5D. And he’s finding some exceptionally interesting people to shoot. Here’s one of my favorite portraits of Wadman’s.

Anyways check it out. You won’t be disappointed. It’s good stuff.

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