6 Replies to “Easy For You”

  1. I saw this earlier today on your Zooomr stream, I’m glad I can comment here now!

    This is an inspiring shot with the distinctive Thomas Hawk look. Gotta love that wet wood on the platform. I’m amazed how you treat the colors lately (?), too, as if you have a Whibal in every situation.

  2. I was just wondering how you come up with the titles for your photos? Do you have some kind of random string generator software? Or do you come up with them on your own after lot of careful thought?

  3. Silus, It’s one of the Cable Car turnarounds in San Francisco’s Downtown, located on Powell and Market Streets. The cable car comes down into the turntable and the operator and his assistant physically rotates the cable car for it’s next journey. Thats what those short (lengthwise) handrails are on the left side, just pull!
    Excellent colors in the picture!

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