The Beauty of Neon Signs

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Super Signage I found this website today called Super Signage. One of my most favorite things to shoot is neon signs. I’m currently working on building the largest personally shot collection of neon images in the world. I’m sure that there are many people out there with significantly larger collections than I have, but I’m just getting started on this project really. It’s part of my longer-term goal of collecting a finished library of over 500,000 photographs before I die.

To see a start of this project for me, you can check out this set of mine called “Neon Days and Neon Nights” on Flickr.

Anyways, this site has chronicled many of the greatest of the vintage neon signs that are out there. If you like neon signs it’s definitely worth checking out.

Another place to check out some fantastic old signs is tspauld’s set on Flickr of “Other California Signs.”

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  1. To shoot 500,000 images before you die…

    Since we know how many shots you’ve taken so far, and since we know how many shots you’re shooting per year, I hope this doesn’t mean we can exptrapolate when you’re going to …..



  2. It’s funny that you’re mentioning this when you are, Tom. I just got a new tripod and intend to start my own little neon project soon…after I catch up on a little photo processing.

    Neon signs are dazzling, for lack of a better word. They’re one of those uniquely American things that are both gaudy and beautiful at the same time.

  3. Try this: With a tripod, lineup a great neon sign shot and when the shutter is open, zoom in or zoom out. Makes for a really interesting 3D effect.


  4. I haven’t had much time to get out and shoot neon, but I do agree neon makes some cool images.

    Matt: “With a tripod, lineup a great neon sign shot and when the shutter is open, zoom in or zoom out.”

    I’ve had fun with zooming as well, check out my palm/physic/tarot neon zoom.

  5. Neon is a thing of beauty, too bad neon is being replaced by more modern methods namely LED. If you are ever in St Louis you should check out the flying neon Budweiser eagle. Amazing is all I can say and this is coming from a sign company that had nothing to do with it. There was originally two neon eagle signs, one in Bush Stadium and one on Hwy 64, now there is only one. I look forward to looking at your other sign pictures. Thanks!

    St Louis Neon Sign Company

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