10-second Fix to Get Your Alexaholic Back

(now called Statsaholic) is a much superior way to browse Alexa graphs than on Alexa itself. Recently though Alexa decided to block Alexaholic from their graphs.

Maybe instead of spending so much time screwing with Alexaholic, they should just develop a better interface on their own site themselves.

Anyways, if you use Firefox Ron Hornbaker has a post on a 10 second fix to get your Alexaholic/Statsaholic graphs back.

Thanks Ron!

3 Replies to “10-second Fix to Get Your Alexaholic Back”

  1. The original fix was too heavy-handed. Other sites depend on the blocked field for purposes of (legitimate) identification. For instance, I was not able to post on editorialphotographers.com and it took me a little while to figure out why. In my opinion, the Alexa interface is not so bad to warrant such a measure.

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