Sending Moblog Photos to Your Zooomr Account

Sending Photos to Your Zooomr Account Just a reminder that sending moblog photos from your cell phone to your Zooomr account is super easy. I took this shot of Kristopher sending one in action. If you go to “Your Settings” section on Zooomr, you will find an “upload via email address” option. Here you will be given an email address that you can set as an address in your email client on your phone. Any photos emailed to this address will be posted to your Zooomr account. You can also set specific universal tags for these uploaded photos or come back and tag them later.

Here’s another idea if you want to keep your moblog and cell phone photos separate from your other DSLR phootos. Just create two accounts on Zooomr. One for your cell phone shots and one for your DSLR shots.

Kristopher and I are headed out to Sacramento today to shoot a Photo Walking episode with Robert Scoble. If you happen to be in the Sacramento area or near the Bay Area come on out and join us at 1pm.