Photowalking 5, The Califorina State Railroad Museum

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To check out my shots from today’s Photowalking Episode 5, click through here.

Well Robert Scoble and I (along with Kristopher and my entire family) had a great time with about 20 other people earlier today out at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento shooting the latest episode of Photowalking for Scoble Show. Robert’s been a huge fan of the Railroad Musuem and for good resaon. It is simply a breathtaking place to look at trains. Robert’s got a nice recap of our day out here. Shel Israel also has a nice write up here.

The event went off pretty much without a hitch. The PR woman wouldn’t let Scoble use his tripod in the event (a few photographers snuck them in and used them anyways), but other than that the place seemed very open for photography.

The trains at the museum were just monsters. I’ve been around trains before but for some reason these trains just seemed larger than life. I kind of went crazy with the abstract aspects of the train on our shoot and I’ll definitely be back to spend more time at the musuem and would recommend it for anyone who likes to shoot trains.

My favorite section was the model train area upstairs. This was the area that we shot last and it was getting late in the day but I could have spent 5 hours in that one area alone.

Scoble got some great video footage talking to some of the photographers who came out for our shoot as well as some of the old timers that were working at the museum. The museum staff were pretty good sports to put up with us. I think they are mostly volunteers and some of them were over 80 years old. They told us that it used to cost about $15 to travel across the country in relative style in one of their sleeper cars.

Phil Glatz showed up with his 3D digital camera set up. He handed out 3D glasses for us to try out and shared with us some of his 3D photographs. That was very cool. He’s got more images up on his blog here.

Martin McKeay had the best t-shirt at the event I thought — but then again of course I’m biased 😉 Martin has a write up here. Another write up from kmilyun is here.

Kristopher on the TracksKristopher on the Tracks Hosted on Zooomr

I brought out my new 50mm f/1.2 L Series lens that I bought yesterday for today’s shoot and it handled like a champ. I had tried the lens out briefly at CES but really loved shooting with it today. It’s not cheap at $1,600 or so but having a f 1.2 is great and 50mm is definitely a pretty universal lens.

Afterwards we took a walk down by the waterway and stopped by a local Mexican Restaurant for a litte watering at the watering hole and refueling after burning all of those calories photowalking.

It was great to see so many people from Zoooomr and Flickr come out for the shoot. I got some early shots up that you can see here.

This Old TrainThis Old Train Hosted on Zooomr

Thanks again also to Seagate (who sponsors Robert’s show) for giving Robert a bunch of 8 gig micro drive cards to hand out. We gave them out to the person who took the most shots (Beau Liening) and to the people who had the smallest cards there (they probably need them the most).

Anyways, if you made the shoot and put your photos up on Zooomr or Flickr use the tag “Photowalking 5” and well be able to see your shots. Thanks again to everyone who came out for a great Sunday afternoon. Anyone have any good ideas where we ought to shoot Photowalking Episode 6 next month? We might rent some big glass and head out to shoot the surf at Mavericks.

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  1. These look great already. I really love these Photowalking events that you do and how Robert captures them on video.

    It’s very inspiring to see how you approach shots and to watch you and listen to you as you shoot. Thanks for letting us get to know you and your photography better!

  2. Why do you keep switching your feed back to summary-only? Full-text w/images, please!

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