Photowalking With Robert Scoble, Episode #2 is Out

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Trouble in the pumpkin patch (photowalking #2 now totally uploaded) ? Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger Robert Scoble has our second Photowalking Episode up. This episode is a bit different from the last one where we shot the Golden Gate Bridge. For this episode we head down to Half Moon Bay, pretty much the pumpkin capital of the universe, and shoot pumpkins ahead of the Halloween holiday.

In part one of episode two we do a sensor cleaning on my Canon 5D on video. I use prime (fixed focal length) lenses and so dust frequently gets on my sensor and about once a week I use Sensor Swabs and methanol to clean my sensor.

In parts two and three we walk through the pumpkin patch shooting pumpkins, almost get kicked out of the pumpkin patch store but talk our way into being allowed to film inside and spend some time shooting an old tractor.

I really enjoy shooting these photowalks with Robert and thanks to all of you for the feedback on them.

We’ve got some more really interesting ideas for photowalks in the future including a visit to a train museum in Sacramento and a number of other great photographers who are going to go out shooting with us.

We also recently shot a photowalk episode with Photoshop Pro Jan Kabili where Jan teaches me all kinds of new tricks with Photoshop for my post processing and walks me through my workflow.

If you have a good idea for a photowalk be sure and leave a comment on what you’d like to see.

To see all the photographs from episode two you can check out this SmartSet on Zooomr.

Also, hey Dave, thanks for the compliment on my photography today, it means a lot coming from you!

5 Replies to “Photowalking With Robert Scoble, Episode #2 is Out”

  1. It’s not a smart idea to clean your sensor out in a dusty non paved parking lot like you did in the video. In fact doing so outdoors period is not a good idea.

  2. Thomas,

    One of the places I really enjoy shooting is Santa Cruz. I seem to always end up on West Cliff drive somewhere between the Board Walk and Natural Bridges State beach. I often go there with a specific shooting topic in mind, often surfers, birds, waves, etc. but almost always find something completely different and interesting to shoot. This would be an excellent location to do a photo walk. Id love to tag along if you do a shoot there.

    Jeff H.

  3. Love these videos Tom!! Cannot wait for the next one. Wish I could come along but kinda far out here in Illinois.

    Take Care,

    Tom in Chicago

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