Jason Gets Himself a Wii

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Jason Tsang’s Blog: Nintendo Wii

Jason Tsang showed up at the Toronto Best Buy yesterday morning at 4:45 a.m. and got himself a Wii. He’s got photos and a great write up and review about the new product if you are considering one.

On my way to the Bill Gates ceremony last week I stopped by the Westfield Mall in Cupertino and snapped the shot above. They had a bunch of demo machines there that people were playing. Unlike other gaming devices, with the Wii you actually use the motions of your body to control the game. Instead of tennis with a controller you actually serve up and hit the ball with a motion detecting controller. Pretty slick stuff. I could think of all kinds of interesting applications for this with games like boxing, etc. I would think that there could also be some fitness sort of game combo crossover combinations with something like this and well adult gaming(?) could get, ummm.. interesting.

Anyways, check out Jason’s review. It’s a good one and lots of the details on the Wii if you are in the market for one.