Web 2.0 Deals and Their Valuations

No Bubble 2.0 yet Tristan Louis has an interesting table up chronicling a history of Web 2.0 deals. It’s interesting to see the disparity between deals that get done for around $1 million compared with yesterday’s price of $1.65 billion for YouTube. Most of Tristan’s data of course is based on rumored numbers as many of the small deals done are not reported by the companies who acquire or get acquired.

What would be nice to see from Tristan next might be a list of logical buyout candidates remaining and their estimated valuations. A lot harder job with lots of guessing of course.

Facebook in my opinion is the next logical buyout target. I’ve been playing around with Facebook more and more over the course of the past few weeks and it indeed does rock. Especially their news feed which allows you to track what is going on with your friends feels very, very powerful.