I Think That I’m Living the Dream

I Think That I'm Living the DreamI Think That I’m Living the Dream Hosted on Zooomr

If I could do anything in the world it would be to just go outside and take photos every day of my life all over the world. I can’t do that today because I need to earn money for my family — but I do get a few hours every so often when I get to just spend an afternoon shooting.

Kristopher and I spent a few hours exploring some alleys out near Technorati’s offices last week where I found this dog.

Even if temporary, for a few hours, out shooting like this makes you feel like you are actually living that dream.

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  1. A beautiful shot! Really enjoy your photos.

  2. monaxle says:

    I admire your passion for photography. I have read that you are a family man with four boys and I have a feeling your probably just as passionate about that area of your life as well. You must have some incredible time management skills what with the boys, the photos, the blogging and all. I think it’s brilliant that you have such a clear idea about what makes you happy.This was not meant to be an acolade though it seems it’s turned out that way.

    Keep on doing what you do. BTW and quite besides the point its because of your posts on flickr that I discovered the joys of flock. Gotta be the best browser out there for flickr addicts. Not sure about zooomr yet…

  3. I really like your shots. Your passion and love for photography just oozes on this blog, and it sure does show in your photos as well. Keep em coming 🙂