JPG Magazine Now Letting You Vote on Photos and Paying Contributors $100

JPG MagazineJPG Magazine Hosted on Zooomr

Well exciting things are happening over at JPG Magazine, the 8020 publication put out by husband and wife team Derek Powazek and Heather Powazek Champ. The site has relaunched and now includes a great interactive voting feature (you have to be registered there and logged in to vote). While it’s not exactly digg for photos (the editors still ultimately choose the photographs for publication — but take the votes into consideration) this is a great move on their part as it will encourage even more participation in future issues.

They are also paying those photographers whose work they accept $100 as well as giving them a subscription to the magazine. Very cool.

I’ve really admired JPG’s print quality and have had a few of my own shots included in past issues. The quality of the photography in the magazine is very high and it’s a great way to see your work jump from the computer screen onto printed page.

Check it out. And if you are a high end photographer think about uploading your own photos for consideration there.