Howard Stern Needs to Offer Podcasts

Is Stern Slipping? – Yahoo! Buzz Log I used to listen to Howard Stern. I found him actually a bit entertaining and also liked the live musical guests he had as well as the interviews he would do with people.

I haven’t listened to Howard Stern since he’s moved to Sirius and now Erik Gunther over at Yahoo’s buzz log is saying that his influence might be dwindling.

“The King of All Media is losing ground. Hitwise, which monitors Internet traffic, says the number of visitors to Howard Stern’s Web site has declined a staggering 71 percent since March 2005…And look-ups of Stern’s name on search engines plummeted by 90 percent in that same period…”ŚNew York Post, September 13, 2006”

I never used to really listen to a lot of Howard Stern. My commute in the morning is about 7 minutes in the car from my house to the BART station so I’d catch a bit then and also every so often if I was driving somewhere for a meeting in the car I’d catch more.

But since Stern’s switch to satellite I haven’t listened to him once. It’s just not worth the 7 minutes I’m in the car in the morning to pay for either the satellite radio or the satellite radio service.

I do, however, listen to podcasts. And I think Stern’s content is good enough that if he offered a download service of a podcast of his show in conjunction with Sirius I’d subscribe to Sirius tomorrow — even though I don’t have a satellite radio yet.

Offering podcasts for listening anywhere, anytime, anyplace would provide a big boost to both entertainers like Stern and satellite radio in general.