Wired News Article on Screen Shots on Flickr

Memeorandum is tracking the reaction in the blogosphere to this articleon Flickr at Wired News talking about Flickr’s policies towards screen shots.

For what it’s worth I think screen shots ought to be allowed onflickr.I don’t think Flickr would be overun with screenshots and I think thatmany of the ones I’ve seen (and even have in my own stream) areinteresting ones and of value to the greater flickr community. I thinkallowing screenshots and other art would not be dillutive to the photosharing experience on flickr and would be a good thing for them to do. I’m not sure that I fully understand the objection on Flickr’s part.

I also posted on this at Flickr Central where you might see more commentary from Flickr or users in the Flickr Community.