Flock Rocks

Michael Arrington has a new default web browser and so now do I. Simply put, Flock Rocks. This is my first blog post directly from the Flock browser and I’ve got those same little bubbles of excitement I had when I replaced IE for Firefox.

So what is so great about Flock? Lots. First off Flickr is tightly integrated into the browser. I love that. What’s more it accepts all of my grease monkey flickr scripts giving me all of the same Flickr functionality I had with Firefox. It’s got a built in Flickr uploader (although they need to strip the .jpg file extensions from the photo titles as they upload, should be easy enough to do), it’s got a built in blog editor for blogger, it’s got a built in spell checker for both flickr and blogger, and here’s the kicker… are you ready… it’s much faster than Firefox. Hot Donkey.

The blogging tool and spellchecker just blow blogger’s default away.

Fortunately I’m on a PC because the browser doesn’t seem to support Mac yet but I suspect that this will only be a matter of time.

The installation of the browser was super easy and it easily imported all of my Firefox stuff. The layout and design are elegant and in the last 24 hours or so that I’ve played with it I have not had a single error (pretty strong for a beta). I had tried Flock a few months back and abandoned it because of the errors. This new version seems very stable.

Flock also integrates delicious and has a way to star favorite your bookmarks. I’m sure I’ll have more to write about it later.

While some advanced users might be able to hobble together an equally strong Firefox experience with extensions, add ons, scripts, etc. By default, out of the box, Flock will be a much superior browser to anyone using IE or Firefox that likes Flickr. Nice work Flock.

Update: It would appear that you can actually use Flock with a Mac.

11 Replies to “Flock Rocks”

  1. “Fortunately I’m on a PC because the browser doesn’t seem to support Mac yet but I suspect that this will only be a matter of time”

    First thing I did this morning was install the latest Flock. On my PowerBook.

  2. Hmmm. Might have to give Flock a second thought. I tried it out several months ago and thought, while cool, it wasn’t enough to switch my comfort with Firefox and Safari. Maybe I’ll give it another try.

  3. Yeah, actually… Flock has been available as a beta for Mac OS X for quite a while, I remember trying it out several months ago, and thinking it had great potential but was (back then) still quite buggy. Maybe this is its debut on the PC platform?

    Anyhow, I will give it another spin!

  4. Flock includes the whole Firefox codebase, so its clear that the basic browsing is stable. And for this reason it runs on all three platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOSX.

    The Flock engineers account for the photo, starring, blogging, searching, news parts. So actually those are in beta.

    I also love and use Flock for the Flickr browser and uploader. But I can’t switch to it for the browsing, because the bookmarks feature is too different.

    Thomas, if you’re in beta-land anyway, you should check out Firefox, ehh Bon Echo Alpha3. It got tabbed browsing improvements, a better search experience, and spell checking too.

  5. Flock is a great browser, but like you said, you can use extensions in Firefox to achieve the same results. Much of Flock’s ‘unique’ features are accomplished by just installing the ‘Performancing’ extenion in Firefox. I’d really suggest giving this a try, I’m in love with it.

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