Microsoft to use Web 2.0 to Help Bush Defeat Islam & Terrorism? And Under the Radar Reports Nick Sylvester & Lindsay Lohan Origami on American Idol

How to Get 3000 Visitors from Technorati in 48 Hours – Jamdo Blog Marketing — Hacking Technorati Ok, ok, well not really. But Jamdo Blog Marketing is claiming that they got 3,000 visitors from Technorati simply by putting the top 5 Technorati searchs from their front page in their subject line and with those tags. So let’s let’s ratchet up their experiment even more by putting not only the top 5 searches right now but the top 5 hot tags both in the subject line and tagged with Technorati tags. We’ll call this hacking Technorati and see if it works. All for sport of course.

Somehow I doubt it’s going to work, but I do believe this is the first time Bush, Terrorism or Islam have ever been mentioned on my blog.

Update: Well, virtually zero traffic from Technorati. Not so sure this hack works.

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  1. So, did it work?
    If it doesn’t get Technorati I’ll bet MSN search will jump on it.
    For some reason I’ve noticed my blogger site get 10 times more hits from MSN than I do Goggle.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    I’ve pinged Technorati and it has not worked yet. Of course for some odd reason my stuff usually takes a day to hit Technorati in the first place. Not sure why.

  3. Thomas,

    What a rip. No nip slip and tongue tied Bushism. LOL.

    My most viewed post is a link to Ashley Simpson drunk at McDonalds.

    My posts hit technorati within minutes. I was shocked when that started about a month ago.


    I am a lifetime subscriber to Scotty. What a great pet.

  4. Thanks Russell, good to be recognized outside my normal realm.

    Now, I’m curious. Where’s is the link to Ashley? 🙂