Microsoft to use Web 2.0 to Help Bush Defeat Islam & Terrorism? And Under the Radar Reports Nick Sylvester & Lindsay Lohan Origami on American Idol

How to Get 3000 Visitors from Technorati in 48 Hours – Jamdo Blog Marketing — Hacking Technorati Ok, ok, well not really. But Jamdo Blog Marketing is claiming that they got 3,000 visitors from Technorati simply by putting the top 5 Technorati searchs from their front page in their subject line and with those tags. So let’s let’s ratchet up their experiment even more by putting not only the top 5 searches right now but the top 5 hot tags both in the subject line and tagged with Technorati tags. We’ll call this hacking Technorati and see if it works. All for sport of course.

Somehow I doubt it’s going to work, but I do believe this is the first time Bush, Terrorism or Islam have ever been mentioned on my blog.

Update: Well, virtually zero traffic from Technorati. Not so sure this hack works.