MacMini, No DVR Ambitions

Zatz Not Funny… Blog Archive — Mac Mini, No DVR Ambitions Personally I think it’s a mistake for Apple to forgo a PVR as part of their Media Center strategy. Although I can understand why they would not want competition for their download agenda, people are nowhere near yet wanting to scrap their cable and satellite service for a download only model of low res poor quality programming from iTunes.

Unless Apple has HDTV downloads just around the corner, this is a mistake in my opinion.

The right thing to do, would be to instead buy TiVo and integrate that loveable little plush black characther thing into the Apple box. Like Apple, the TiVo is built around the concept of simplicity. The name/buzz alone would be worth the amount they would have to pay to pick up TiVo (which is priced at less than 1% of the market cap of Apple today) not to mention the value of TiVo’s patents and their existing customer base.

Not that TiVo wants to be bought by anyone of course, but if Apple thinks that they can make their new Mac Mini fly in the short term without any way to watch TV beyond paid low res iTunes downloads I think they have another thing coming.