Is TiVo Series 3 Being Released on September 25th? Tivo Series 3 Release Date Well normally here at we don’t like to engage in wild speculation (cough, cough) but since this wild speculation is about TiVo Series 3, well, we just couldn’t really help ourselves now could we?

Just remember, you heard it here second.

Take this one with a huge giant mega 60 inch plasma high-def grain of salt, but… is reporting that “according to a very reliable contact within TiVo,” the new Series 3 DVR will be available starting Monday, September 25, 2006 for an upfront price between $700-$800.

Davis tracked sleekgeek down on the phone this afternoon and spoke with him. According to sleekgeek when he saw the terms and conditions of TiVo’s most recent American Idol giveaway contest he contacted a “TiVo insider” associated with the beta program and his mole was able to provide him the date and pricing information as supposedly leaked. Of course sleekgeek was a little freaked out that Davis had somehow tracked him down live on the phone. Don’t worry sleekgeek, Davis is definitely not a stalker and besides, you live in Colorado and Davis can only be apart from his television for about 3 hours max. Plus he rarely leaves his apartment.

Now keep in mind that citing inside company sources leaking highly confidential dates and pricing on a consumer electronics product with big buzz is bound to attract attention and also remember how many times in the past these kind of “leaks” turn out to be wrong.

In terms of what is officially out there, the most recent company comment on the release date came from guidance CEO Tom Rogers gave stock analysts on the company’s most recent earnings call when he said that we would not see the unit out until “after mid year” but that the box would be available for the “heaviest part of the selling season later this year.”

Sleekgeek is a pretty new blogger, by the way, and like all new bloggers is looking for traffic of course. As an aside, he’s currently running a contest where he’s giving a $2,600 mystery tech prize away to the person that gets his site the most diggs on digg (it’s good to see he’s already discovered digg, aka crack for bloggers, early on).


4 Replies to “Is TiVo Series 3 Being Released on September 25th?”

  1. I am willing to bet large sums of money TiVo doesn’t have a concrete date at this time. They probably have a time frame and probably even a specific target, but no launch date.

  2. I haven’t actually technically lost the bet until the end of April, but I agree with Zatz that it’s hard to imagine that they have a specific date picked out. I would think that they would want to do everything possible to get it out before the new shows come out at the bear minimum. Sept. 25 is pretty late in the year. It will be bad enough to not have TiVo for summer reruns, but when primetime hits, time shifting will be even more important.

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