An Interview with Memeorandum’s Gabe Rivera

Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing: Interview with Gabe Rivera, founder of Memeorandum: Dan Dodge interviews Memeorandum’s Gabe Rivera. Memeorandum has become for me the authoritive place on the interent to get the fast update of the major tech news stories breaking at any given time. It is routinely the first site I look at in the morning and a site that I keep tabs on all day. Congrats to Gabe as he continues with his company and thanks Om for pointing me to the link:

“How do you compare Memeorandum to Slashdot, Digg, Reddit, and others?

For readers of Digg (or Reddit, and to some extent, Slashdot), I’d say Memeorandum is:

More focused (on either “Tech” or “Politics”)
More expert/authority-driven
Better organized, visually

Of course for a certain type of reader, Digg’s quirkiness, developer orientation, and community are all pluses. Many who aren’t as interested in these things prefer Memeorandum. Many use both sites. It’s all good!

For the more ponderous set, I’d add that unlike all of those, Memeorandum thrives on the web at large — it doesn’t keep its editors and content all siloed and centralized. Viva la edge, yadda, yadda.”