Yahoo! Search blog: Are you kidding?!

Yahoo! Search blog: Are you kidding?!: More clarification from Yahoo! on how they see themselves in search, this time from Qi Lu, VP Engineering and Eckart Walther, VP Products Search on the Yahoo! Blog:

“This commitment to being the best should be crystal clear from our investments in talented people, research, innovation and new products. Believe it or not, we are still in the early days of search. As all of us at Yahoo! agree, we’re in it for the long haul, and we’re in it to win.”


“We’re continuously innovating and finding new ways to help people connect to information and knowledge – part of our vision to help them find, use, share and expand all human knowledge. We’re working on literally hundreds of projects to improve search, and some of the most visible examples include My Web, Yahoo! Answers, and Open Shortcuts. We have also brought in some of the most innovative companies like Flickr and, to help bring the promise of social search and tagging to the rest of the world and advancing search beyond what it is today.”

Social search has tremendous potential to make vast strides and improvement in search. Building groups of trusted members of trusted communities to serve as statistical representatives for the larger mass market will improve relevancy in many different areas and will in the end provide a more meaningful search experience for the end user.

These are, of course, crystal clear to Yahoo!, as outlined above, and I’m looking forward to their implementation over time.

In addition to Caterina’s post yesterday, this is good clarification from Yahoo! based on what was perhaps excessive license taken on the part of a mainstream reporter and then amplified, overly blogged to death, and sensationalised in the blogosphere. I of course played a small part in the amplification and sensationalism myself with my long diatribe on a six point plan to rebuild search at Yahoo! (I probably tend to overly armchair quarterback things that I feel passionately about). Search has not been “capitulated” at Yahoo! irrespective of anything Sue Decker may or may not have said in or out of context and this is great to see.

It really is only early in the 2nd inning in a nine inning game.

Update: And here come the diggers!

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