More TiVo Goodies

Zatz Not Funny. . .?Blog Archive ? TiVo Headquarters Photographed Dave Zatz covers TiVo better than just about anyone out there and he’s got two interesting posts out. The first post linked above has photos of TiVo’s Alviso headquarters for all of you vouyers and stalkers who want to know that it really looks like and the second has to do with an innovative new feature that TiVo will be adding to let you recover deleted shows after they’ve been deleted if you still have room on your hard drive I’d assume. Kind of like a Windows XP recycle bin I guess — TV shows wouldn’t really be deleted until you need the space.

This might be helpful if you (or someone else in your family) accidently erase your favorite show. No word on when to expect this rolled out but Zatz has got photos.