PriceRitePhoto Update #25, An Update on PriceRitePhoto and PricesRite

Last week I reported on a company Heffco possibly being erroneously connected with my reporting on PriceRitePhoto based on a report by the New York BBB.

I have received the following email back from Tony Barbera, Manager of the Information and Investigations Divsion of the BBB New York:

“Just letting you know our reports on PriceRitePhoto and PricesRite have been re-released and are listed as separate entities. Take a look, and let me know if you have any questions.”

PricesRite is still associated with Let’s Go Digital and ultimately also A. Heffco Technologies with a fairly negative BBB rating, but it is no longer associated per the BBB New York with PriceRitePhoto, the outfit that I had my run in with. It sounds like while distancing the companies, the BBB still is not willing to change the overall rating of Let’s Go Digital and that the unrelated complaints against them are still standing.

PriceRitePhoto is now listed as an affilate of C&A; Marketing, with a “Howard Baker” as it’s president. Interesting and suprisingly to me they only have three complaints filed with the BBB against them.

I received the following email from Gabe Heffez of Heffco, on the matter at hand: “Thank you for your help with the BBB. Although they still don’t have our information 100% correct, they have removed associations with priceritephoto and company. We will continue to write them and fax them the correct information so they can get it completely right. Thank you for the quick response and corrections on your side.”

and then a second email:

“Funny, I just checked again and it looks like we inherited all of their customer disputes. I checked their page and looks like they are a pretty clean cut company. The BBB has got to get their act together. We will continue to work on it.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don Wiss ( and Shedding Some Light ( have more complete lists of this guy’s businesses than the BBB.

    Next time Heffez emails to tell you “they still don’t have our information 100% correct,” ask him for the full, correct list of his “stores” and see how forthcoming he is.

  2. JimmyC says:

    Wow – just read through all of the posts – Hawk’s got a great site here. I posted on the original, should have posted here. Point is – there are three kinds of Manhattan/Brooklyn/North Jersey dealers; the ones who have moved beyond bait and switch to the ones who are just getting started. Then the third kind are the ones who are stuck in startup mode and live off of suckers of the bait and switch. I just bought a Nikon D200 from Beach Camera dba Them, Adorama, B&H;, 42nd street, and others all started as small shops in Brooklyn. Bad apples do spoil it for those wanting a good deal. As I blogged recently: You just have to learn the signs – JimmyC.

  3. Durand says:

    Sadly, it seems that pricesrite has not changed their business practices as of June 12, 2006. They billed me on May 14th for an order, that I had to call them about on June 1st, as they had not sent me any shipping info. For 4 business days they claimed it shipped, both over the phone and email, before I asked for a full refund as I recongnized I was getting the run around. They argued over the phone and amazingly the next day after I refuse the order, it ships in the afternoon. I have contacted NexTag which shows they are a trusted seller, my credit card company, and the BBB in New York. I can’t believe that this company is still operating given everything I have read after the fact. I don’t have any faith in any businesses associated or owned by the same person, give the response I have encountered with customer service. There needs to be a joint class action against all these companies.