More Proof that Flickr Gets the Blogosphere and That Bloggers Love Flickr

For those of you that haven’t had a chance to check out Opinmind yet you might want to give it a look. Opinmind basically allows you to search the blogosphere by positive or negative blog posts on a given term or subject matter. You can for instance see how bloggers feel about companies like Cingular 27% positive rating (ouch), Microsoft 40% positive rating, Google 74% positive rating or Yahoo 56% ranking. This is a tool that every company should watch in order to see what is said about their company. Steve Rubel blogged about it last month and Hacking Netflix just used it for an interesting comparison between Blockbuster and Netflix.

Another interesting way to look at the service is to see how it rates Flickr, almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Flickr’s Opinmind rating? A whopping 94%. One of the highest for any company I’ve ever seen. You can compare that rating to other photo sharing sites and you get the following, Webshots: 58% positive rating, Photobucket: 28% positive rating and then the print service Snapfish: 40% rating.

All in, of the blog posts tracked by Opinmind there are 436 positive posts about Flickr vs. 26 negative.

It’s also kind of cool that you can sort your reviews by either most recent or by strength of a opinion. Do a Opinmind search for Movie Gallery and the first negative opinion that pops up under a strength search is, “and the stupid bitch at movie gallery wouldnt let us rent cry_wolf so my dad has to go up and get it.” Ouch!

By the way Opinmind themselves has a perfect 100% postive rating for their own service… but that is only with two post recorded about them.

2 Replies to “More Proof that Flickr Gets the Blogosphere and That Bloggers Love Flickr”

  1. I think Opinmind for me is a very useful tool or site for that matter that informs us what mose people value the most in the Internet. It does save time and money that you know who rates well in terms of services or giving information.

  2. It seems to me that all of Opinmind’s search results are livejournal and xanga blogs. I think that it’s great technology, but would be more excited if they had a better representation of the blogosphere.

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