Engadget Interviews Bill Gates… Again

The Engadget Interview: Bill Gates (again!) – Engadget

“Engadget: And so Media Center will finally have that CableCard support that people have been looking for?

Gates: Well, we’ve been working on getting the cable industry to authorize that for a long time, and so it’s only with Vista and a lot of hard work that we’re able to meet their needs there.”


“Engadget: Two last questions, ones that I didn’t get to ask the last time around, before I run out of time: Which cellphone do you carry now and what’s your portable music or media device?

Gates: Well, recently I’ve been using this Treo 700w that I think is a great product, Palm has done a good job on that. We’ve got quite a variety in cell phones with Windows Mobile, more and more people backing that, but that’s one I’ve been using recently.

Engadget: And portable media? Or do you just use the phone?

Gates: Well, actually I do think the phone is a primary way that that will be done, but in my family we’ve got, I think there’s an iRiver, a Zen, quite a bit of variety of PlaysForSure devices.”

Read the whole interview for much more on what the world’s richest man and software mogul thinks these days.