Hollywood Still Doesn’t Know About the Internet

By Davis Freeberg

Earlier this week, the WB and UPN networks agreed to shut down both stations and consolidate their programing into a new network called the CW. For those of us who love bad TV, this has come as a bit of a shock because there will be a lot of great shows on both channels that will be shut down. While I don’t expect that some of my favorites like Everybody Love Chris, Smallville or the Gillmore Girls will get canned, it is possible that we could see Veronica Mars or Cheaters disappear when the new lineups are announced.

I must admit that I don’t fully understand the rationale of closing both stations, particularly given the number of households that can receive both channels, but sometimes when businesses can’t succeed, you have to make some changes and it’s been clear for a long time that both networks have been pretty terrible.

What I really want to know is who was the one that came up with such a dumb name for the new network? Not only does CW lack any sort of cool factor, but it appears that CBS made the mistake of announcing the name before picking up a domain name for the new network. Now they are faced with the prospects of either over paying a domain squatter to release the name or trying to come up with a new brand.

In an interview with the LA Times, CBS Executive Les Moonvies said that despite objections to the name, they are not willing to discuss alternatives to the CW.

“What is not up for discussion, Moonves said, is the network’s new name. Asked why it wasn’t called CWB, he said, “That sounded too much like the WB network or CNBC. And we couldn’t call it the WC for obvious reasons.””

I suppose that they don’t have to have an internet site that corresponds to a channel, but in today’s digital world, it seems like an important thing to have, particularly if you are going to target teenagers with your programing.

3 Replies to “Hollywood Still Doesn’t Know About the Internet”

  1. Yep, CW is an awful name.

    I have a bad feeling Veronica Mars is going to get cut. I know it’s popular but it hasn’t really gotten a mass following.

    CW actually could be successful. By taking the best of both networks they could have a decent schedule. The one thing I don’t get though is why networks always put upcoming programs against the killer programs of other networks.

  2. E! thinks that Veronica Mars will stay with the network, but I think that if the program is going to make money it will be on DVD sales and not advertising. They have enough of a cult following that they could produce the show straight to iTunes and DVD and they’d make a lot more then trying to go heads up against lost.

    I still think that the Networks are only hurting themselves by not airing the show at alternative time slots. How is anyone supposed to watch the show, when there are so many other good things on at the same time? If they’d air a rerun at 2am, at least they’d pick up some PVR traffic. Somehow I don’t see the networks making it any easier for us to watch TV on our own schedule. Why else would Lost run for an hour and one minute?

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