Gadgetell’s Inteview with Digg Founder Kevin Rose

Gadgetell – ? Gadgetell Exclusive: Interview with digg’s Kevin Rose “We definitely believe in the wisdom of crowds and that this phenomenon that is driving digg, Wikipedia and other user-driven sites is poised for strong growth in many different areas. Our basic philosophy is giving users the power to change the site and the tools to change how they interact with each other.”


“In mid-2005 we realized that to take the site to the next level and accommodate the growing community on digg, we needed some funding to buy more servers and hire developers. So, for this, we went to the VC community for a small round of funding. We spoke with several and were in the fortunate position of being able to be selective. In the end, we went with Greylock, Omidyar, Marc, and Reid Hoffman because we felt their understanding of our business and the perspectives of their organizations made them ideal partners.”

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