More Information on New HDTV Standards Group: HANA

More information on new HDTV Standards group: HANA – HD Beat: ” Charter Communications, JVC, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Inc., NBC Universal, Samsung and Sun Microsystems today announced the formation of HANA, the High-Definition Audio-Video Network Alliance.”

“HANA brings together content providers, consumer electronics, service providers and IT with the sole purpose of addressing HD needs such as quality of service, ease of use and content protection,” said Dr. Heemin Kwon, HANA president and Samsung executive vice president. “Since HANA is a cross- industry effort with members from each of the impacted HD industries, we can achieve the ‘win-win’ necessary to commercialize HD networks. HANA is a milestone among industry alliances because we are starting in the living room, not the home office.”