Michael Gartenberg Loves His Slingbox

Michael Gartenberg – Gadget of the Year – 2005: JupiterMedia Analyst Michael Gartenberg is out with his Gadget of the Year, the Slingbox.

Although I don’t travel enough to really do much placeshifting, I can see where people would really like the Slingbox.

From Gartenberg: “The Slingbox is amazing. From the unique design and the wonderful setup experience, the Slingbox does one thing and does it really well. (For fun, try accessing your music and pictures too using the TiVo home media option.) Like all groundbreaking devices, it doesn’t fit into some neat category, it creates a whole new one (and a new buzzword, place-shifting). For the weary road warrior killing time in an airport or sitting in a hotel room in a place far away, the Slingbox brings some of the comforts of home to your laptop and soon to other devices. If you travel a lot (or just like the idea of accessing your content from anywhere in the world) and you have a good broadband connection, you need to get one of these things. At $249, it’s one of the best bargains in consumer electronics.”

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  1. ShadyMG says:

    Slingbox is very cool, but it’s not completely revolutionary. I’ve been enjoying ORB on my MCE for quite some time, i just think it hasn’t received as much publicity.

    But i’m watching an episode of Stacked, right now, at work via my home MCE, all for free (Orb is $0) 🙂